Sunday, November 18, 2007


So: the plan for tonight's blog was to explain why Lynyrd Skynyrd does, in fact, bring me back to my childhood (good guesswork, nodnarb) and how it is that we came to Alabama in force to officially celebrate my grandmother's big birthday in style.

But: well, it's late. I am oh, so weary, probably as a result of this marvelous, memorable, action-packed day, but possibly because I have a wee bug of some sort that I'm unwittingly sharing with the fam who've gathered 'round. Which means I'm getting stink eye every time one of my sisters sneezes.

And: to top things off, poor Spence is having a rough night, the likes of which can, apparently, only be smoothed by sleeping wedged between his parents. So I'm thinking that clacking away at the laptop? Perhaps not the most brilliant idea at the moment.

Ergo: I am safely steering the blog to the shoulder of the road for the evening. Tomorrow, I'll rev it back up. Keep your seatbelts fastened...


Blogger sarah kate said...

you're so good to us!

get well and we hope sweet spence will too.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Tracey R. said...

I nominated you at Minivan mom.

Don't kill me.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Heroes for Children said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling well and enjoying a good ole Alabama Thanksgiving!!

6:22 PM  

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