Saturday, November 04, 2006

Game Day

Muppers are running wild and free as we watch the first half of the Texas game and impatiently await our Chinese food, so I'm going to filch a blogging opportunity. (And yes, I promise that I will go back and fix last night's post, as both the indecipherable title and aborted content seem to be troubling some of you.)

(Edit: said post has just *poof* mysteriously disappeared into the ether. Wretched Blogger! You have jeopardized my NaBloPoMo standing!)

This was day one of our first free weekend in a month (can I have an amen?) and we spent it accomplishing not one item on my fairly intimidating to-do list. The day got off to a rousing start: C had an 8:00 (yes, a.m.) soccer game. Yeesh.

Trey drew the short straw and got up with the dawn, roused our wee Pele from slumber and headed to the Y with fortifications. (This took the form of a coffee traveler and doughnuts, which endeared him to players and parents alike. One dad cheekily wondered why he hadn't also thought to bring mimosas; we thank him for the suggestion and will be better prepared next week.)

I'm sorry to report that despite the infusion of sugar and caffeine, the Dragonflies' losing streak remains unblemished. Of course, it's the parents who must shoulder the emotional burden, as the players are blissfully unaware that they have only scored one point the entire season.

Our fearless coaches have been wonderful at keeping the kids focused on the real goals of this season: fresh air, exercise, sportsmanship... and, of course, dashing to the playground en masse one second after the referee blows her final whistle. But before they're allowed to leave the soccer field, and after they've high-fived the opposing team, the coaches have them huddle up and do a little Dragonflies cheer.

In the huddle, they're asked the question that's tormented man for millennia, "Why are we here?" The answer is supposed to be an enthusiastic, "TO HAVE FUN!" But today, our child yelled, "To take pictures!"

What? Does no other father pace the sidelines with a D70 pressed to his forehead for the duration of the game?

At his leisure, I'll encourage the big guy to fill in this empty space with a photographic rendering of the day.


P.S. Texas won! And this was one of those great fall football days that lived up to the truism my father taught me as a youngster: "Any given team can beat any other team on any given day." Because today HIS team, Mississippi State, beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa! Go Dawgs!


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is that long haired, ravishing beauty katie? she's growing up you guys! I almost didn't recognize her!!!

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