Monday, October 02, 2006

Terra firma

How do we know, even without benefit of articulate expression, that the muppers had a terrific weekend?

They are filthy. Despite multiple hand washings, their tiny fingernails remain gleefully grubby. There are stains in the knees of their trousers that will never be removed, no matter what combination of cleaning boosters I apply. Some have queso matted in their hair, and crumbs of blue crayon on their chins. Their bathwater, which we implore them not to drink, appears brackish and leaves a ring of soil and multicolored glitter around the tub after it drains.

Now they sleep, dreaming of dirt. Happiness.

Tomorrow (promises, always promises) I'll try to post a slideshow of Carter's first official soccer game. (Happily for me, last week's game was canceled due to rain.) On an unseasonably hot Saturday morning, our beloved Dragonflies were trounced by the all-girl Fireflies 27-1, or something equally shocking.

But who scored the lone goal for our green shirts?



Anonymous Ellie said...

Just like his daddy!

9:30 AM  

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