Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy happy joy joy

To get the full effect of my happiness and joy, you should really click here and, by all means, turn up your speakers. Don't worry; I'll wait for you.

Okay. Ready? Here we go.

1. Trey is home! Trey is home! Thank God almighty, Trey is HOME! (In fairness, it should be noted that he may be slightly less enthused about this turn of events than the rest of the household, who have not given him one moment's peace since he walked through the front door.)

2. Very shortly after walking through the front door and peeling the muppers from his calves, he began searching for my missing contact case. He has incredible luck with this sort of thing, which is why I didn't allow myself to completely melt down at the possibility of never being able to see or drive again. And so we casually poked around the house, waiting for the luck to kick in.

One hour went by; we dismantled the scene of the crime.

Two hours passed; I forlornly picked through toy bins and laundry hampers while he picked through (blech) the garbage.

Hour three ticked by. We found ourselves looking in places that the muppers couldn't possibly have reached, even if they'd banded together to form tiny pyramids. Desperation was beginning to kick in. I could see Trey's forehead crease with worry: a bad sign.

We were just finishing dinner and getting the muppers ready for bathtime when Trey got up and walked over to the stereo. I thought he might be getting ready to spin some nighttime tunes when...

(this seems so utterly obvious now that I'm kicking myself for not having thought of it first)

... he reached his hand into the mouth of the VCR and retrieved MY CONTACT CASE. Thirty-six hours after its last sighting, the case was now nice and hot, and most of the solution had simmered away, but the contacts were there and seemingly intact. And yes, I am making an appointment TOMORROW to get fitted for a new pair.

Spencer Samuel, it's a good thing you're so cute, son.

3. In this happy space between October 16 and 17, I'd like to extend hippo birdie two ewe wishes to a few friends, near and dear, young and old, near and far: Hailey! Anna! Kandace! John Mayer! Dylan! Emma! Steph! Evel Knievel! and, I'm sure, many more. Happy birthdays, all!

4. And speaking of birthdays: yes, it was crazy, but we had the best time(s) at back-to-back birthday parties on Saturday! First up was a Halloween-themed sibling celebration for Alex and Chris, where wee ones in various costumes laughed themselves silly in a big bounce house and gobbled up pizza like they might never eat again. The muppers had a high time, despite the fact that I dropped the ball and failed to buy them new costumes. So, they were squeezed into last year's get-ups. Sigh.

Next up was a fabulous shebang for another pair of sibs, the adorable Sam and Ben. Also a costume event, this was a too-much-fun fiesta with more cool grown-ups than you could shake a pinata stick at, and cute kiddos who had the time of their young lives running wild in the backyard, riding ponies (including a pink one with a unicorn horn; Katie was utterly enthralled), painting pumpkins, giddily consuming their body weight in sugar and making friends with everyone they met. Loved. It.

5. One more Weintraub note: we had the great fortune to snag a last-minute mini-session with Jen last week in an attempt to garner some Christmas-card-worthy pictures. Wanna sneak peek? Click here, scroll past the other beautiful (and, I see, well-behaved!) families and be sure to read Jen's intro. LOVE her description of our high-octane munchkins! Also love, love, love her sweet picture of the three of them. Makes me want to sneak into their rooms right now, wake 'em up and cover them with kisses.

Instead, I think I'll tuck into my own bed and meet them in dreamland.



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