Monday, October 16, 2006

What is the sound...

... of one mupper hand clapping?

I don't know the answer to this Zen koan, and I don't know the answer to the following question, either. But maybe putting it out into the universe will yield some much-needed enlightenment.

If you were a missing contact case, where would you be?

In all seriousness and with a fair amount of desperation, I overheard my mother asking C this very question earlier today. He wasn't able to provide any helpful clues, nor was his inarticulate brother. S, we suspect, is the one who actually thieved said contact case from my nightstand as I slumbered, deep in a dream that I had befriended my favorite of the Wilson brothers, Luke. He was rather patiently teaching me the rules of Go Fish as I prattled on about how much I really, really loved his work. Especially Bottle Rocket. So clever!

But I digress.

In my dreams, I can actually see objects like a deck of cards and the untamed eyebrows of Mr. Wilson without benefit of corrective lenses. In my waking life, alas, I can't see much of anything, ever. Nor can most of my family members. This is why I feel giddy when C points toward a distant moving blob and says something like, "Look, Mommy! A train!" and I think, oh, please please please have your father's eyesight.

Now, I have a pair of glasses that hold up reasonably well for things like changing diapers and popping frozen waffles into the toaster for the kids' dinner. (Hey, they didn't complain.) But for more important tasks... like driving C to school in the morning or, apparently, searching every square inch of the house (yes, I already checked the toy bins, trash cans and toilet bowls) for my lost contact case... they fail me miserably.

If I could see the clock right now, I'd be counting down the minutes till Trey's return, sometime tomorrow afternoon, from his annual football weekend with the boys...


Anonymous Jen said...

check your shoes. ben loves to tuck things inside...eye glasses, contact case, even (gasp!) my blush brush.

good luck!

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi fun franklin5. i am SO PUMPED that we actually met. loved getting to see 4 of the five. hopefully you will have your family back together soon, and that you will get that much-deserved spa time soon! have a great week!


7:21 PM  

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