Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sixty winks

I won't do it. You have my word.

I won't give in to the urge to rant and rave and froth at the mouth about the absurdity of today's time change.

I won't gripe in petty detail that it mucks with absolutely everything that matters, casually tosses me into a weeklong "No, wait: what time is it, really?" panic, plunges us into darkness just as the muppers ask to play outside for that narrow band of time betwixt dinner and bath.

I won't do it, because I? Have, by and large, slept through it.

And it's been quite lovely, actually.

This morning's sleepathon was prompted by a busier-than-usual Saturday night: first, a three-year-old's birthday party that ended with, um, absinthe, and second, a football game so horrendous and hateful that it prompted me to imbibe a whole lot more, if only to keep pace with my depressed and mumbling spouse.

So. Yeah. That was fun. Think I slumbered until... well, not until noon. But within sight of it.

Eventually, under some duress from still-depressed spouse and none-the-wiser muppers, I did rally: grateful, I'll add, for the extra time on the clock. It was decided that an outing was in order. Lunch! Chuy's. GOOD.

It didn't seem that unreasonable, really, to think that a nap might follow the consumption of all that Tex-Mex deliciousness. Just twenty minutes, I told a skeptical mr. f5. Promise.

Two hours later, it became apparent that the howler monkeys wreaking havoc in my dream were, in fact, my own three hyperactive muppers, dispatched by their father to wake up the slug in bed.


By now, of course, it was dinnertime. The adults, still bloated on chili con queso, declined to partake in the evening meal, so I whipped up some couscous, spooned it out to the muppers and summarily crashed on the big red couch.

Because I was so very tired. From all the sleeping, don't you know.

Honestly, I'd still be there now, happily sawing logs and paying no heed to the clocks that still need to be turned back, or the messy wake from my day of sloth... if a tiny voice in my head hadn't forged through the ether and reminded me of my bloggy commitment.

And here we are. Not complaining about the time change; just yawning and yearning for more time in dreamland.

So, g'night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs snnklrrzzz...


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