Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fete set

Happily but wearily I report tonight: the big guy's birthday has, I believe, been properly celebrated.

Muchas gracias to those who called, sent and e-mailed greetings and salutations.

And enormous thanks to the gaggle of friends and neighbors, past and present, who spent their Saturday evening with us in exchange for a wedge of black-and-white birthday cake.

Because he's crashed out on the couch, I'll go ahead and speak for Trey when I say: we are so richly blessed to have such a merry band of friends.

It was big-time fun to mix up your diverse personalities, backgrounds, stories, jokes, drink preferences and kiddos (by my count: nineteen of 'em) under our roof.

Now we turn our attention to the second Sag in the house, as we prepare for Carter's fifth birthday celebration. No rest for the weary: not that I'd have it any other way.


Anonymous Jen said...

how is it that the weintraubs managed to appear in half of the photos in today's post?

capture one: Sam urging Trey to "Hurry up and blow the damn thing out os I can have some cake!" (complete with hair clip in the FREAKING center of her head).

capture two: Jen sending Chuck the "just. stop. talking." vibe while enjoying the after effects of several strawberry shortcake martinis (and cake).

it was a heavenly party. great friends, great food, great birthday boy (who does NOT look 40, let it be said), and one very patient baby sitter.

Thank you for the party of the year!

7:04 AM  

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