Friday, November 02, 2007


I have a list as long as my arm of things I just plain adore about the inimitable Annie McQ.

This could seem sweet, wise or odd, depending on your personal perspective of the fact that Annie and I have never actually met. Sure, this self-professed "Annie" could be a burly truck driver named Jethro in real life, but I'm a trusting sort of fool who takes her at her word.

She has lots of good words, that Annie McQ. Pictures, too.

I especially adore Annie tonight, because it's late, I'm exhausted and I'm away from my home base, so a witty original NaBloPoMo-worthy post? Just not happening right now.

But Annie has thoughtfully provided me with some nice, brainless blog fodder: a gentle challenge to deliver a written snapshot of me at this moment.

Here 'tis:
Wearing: my shabbiest, most comfortable pajamas.

Hair: twisted in a knot on top of my head, with a few errant curls springing loose.

Makeup: Huh. Forgot to put on makeup today.

Last thing said: "Have a good night, sleep tight, have sweet dreams... and remember how much Mommy loves you, which is more than words can say."

Last phone call: to my Mommy, at her brand-new phone number in her brand-new nest.

In your bag: three magazines (Vanity Fair, Wonder Time and In Style Home), a book (Mommies Who Drink), a Moleskine journal, Aveeno hand lotion, my iPod, a stack of blank index cards and a pack of mini-highlighters (read: emergency art project for bored muppers).

Plans for today: sleep. Blog, then sleep. Tomorrow? Visit with family and celebrate my niece's fourth birthday.

Last thing bought: Merrells for the muppers (taupe for the boys, hot pink for Katie).

Listening to: Trey and his parents talking and laughing downstairs.

Last showered: this morning, which seems like a very long time ago.

Looking forward to: sleeping in tomorrow morning, while the muppers gleefully play with every. single. toy. in Grandmommy's super-cool walk-in toy closet.

Worst part of the day: when I realized that no matter how much I tried to will my mental image into reality, my clothes would never, not ever, pack themselves.

Best part of the day: pulling into the driveway of this house, after four hours in the car with three children who refuse to sleep in a moving vehicle, no matter how tired and unreasonable they may be.

Favorite person of the day: besides Annie? Trey, of course.

Thinking about: food. Because, well, I'm almost always thinking about food. And also because I just received an e-mail from Tracey with a picture of her, Jenny, Deb... and cake. Braggarts.

Current annoyance: that I'm not eating cake with Tracey, Jenny and Deb.

Current obsession: what in the world will I blog about for the next twenty-seven consecutive days?

Feeling: brain-dead, but happy. An unbeatable combination, really. And grateful. Ever grateful.

I'll tag my fellow NaBloPoMoer, SHA. Go for it, girlie...


Blogger SHA said...

Ok. I'll do it, but later. I'm gonna go snuggle with Anthony before his kids wake up. Have a good weekend friend. Go kick and pinch the kids for me.

6:55 AM  
Blogger anniemcq said...

I LOVE YOU!!! Do you know why? Because I've been trying to come up with a name for my inner burly trucker, and you did it for me!

LOVE this, and I'm glad I could help. You are an awesome woman.

8:38 AM  

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