Friday, November 23, 2007


Ladies and gentlemen, please do not adjust your televisions. We are, in fact, broadcasting live and uninterrupted from the Dallas studio.

Yes, that's right: we voluntarily packed up the car and hit the road yet again today, this time for home.

We tackled the final leg of our journey a day earlier than anticipated, which was a bummer for all involved. But: a second member of our crew woke up with the crud this morning, and someone else was suffering back spasms from the latest round of musical beds, and a quick check of the weather let us know that, if we were planning to beat the rain home, today was our day.

So, we enjoyed a last lunch at one of our favorite H-town spots, said good-bye to the grandparents and headed north.

Along the way, we listened to a rerun of last year's Lone Star Showdown. That is, we assumed it was a rerun, until we tumbled through our front door and turned on the television, only to discover that our brother-in-law's Aggies were, in fact, beating our beloved Longhorns.

Oh, well. At least said brother-in-law was, for the second year running, a good sport about the whole thing. That profane text message is something we'll treasure for some time to come. Thanks, big guy.


A much happier rerun occurred at the dinner table; my mother-in-law took the time to pack every. single. fixin' from yesterday's Thanksgiving feast, and can I just say? Even better the second time around.

Then we decided to kick off a new tradition for our little gang: movie night.

On nearly every road trip we've taken over the past six months, the muppers have requested a showing of Toy Story. And every time, Trey and I have listened intently from the front seat, wondering aloud just what it must be like to actually see the darned thing.

So after we'd consumed the last crumbs of turkey and stuffing, we all changed into jammies, curled up with quilts, sipped (and slurped and spilled) hot chocolate and marshmallows, and watched the flick together.

And after the big finale ("Mommy, Daddy! Mommy, Daddy! LOOK! Buzz Lightyear is FLYING!"), we put our happy, sleepy, chocolate-crusted muppers to bed, and then we did something we hardly ever do anymore: we crawled back onto the couch and watched a decidedly non-G-rated movie.

Now, at last, the television's off and we're tucked into our own beds for the night. We're grateful for the wonderful week we've had, which we hope to revisit tomorrow by going through pictures and unpacking various souvenirs.

But as the credits roll on this adventure, we're oh, so happy to be home. Because really, there's no place quite like it.


Blogger Kristen said...

I have not been to the Ragin Cajun! I am taking the fam for dinner tomorrow! What do you recommend?
Woohoo! Good eats on the way,

6:05 PM  
Blogger Franklin5 said...

Ooooh, Kristen. Prepare yourself for culinary happiness.

If you can, hit the original location. Look for the enormous crawfish with blinking eyes perched alongside I-59 south.

Do you like boiled mudbugs? Start with a bucket of those. DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES, nor those of your children, for at least an hour afterward. Trust me.

I'm a fan of the half-and-half crawfish platter: fried and etoufee. With crusty garlic bread for sopping up the sauce. Yum.

Trey likes the red beans and rice. And, of course, a serving of boudin balls. Sounds obscene, but it's not. Spicy, actually.

Tell 'em I sent you! They won't know or care in the slightest, but it will make me feel better.

Also: have you been to Niko Niko's? FOOD OF THE GODS.

It's probably worth noting at this point that we lived in Houston when we were post-college-poor, so our restaurant choices were dictated thusly. Which is why we never did darken the door of Cafe Annie. Sigh.

Lemme know what you think. And let's trade e-dresses! Does Jen (Sugar Photography) have yours?

5:54 AM  

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