Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Car tunes

First, as we all know, there was Dallas.

This was followed by a night at my sister's house in Mississippi before steering east.

A few days in Alabama: everyone made merry, then we piled back into the minivan and returned to the city by the river, where I graduated from high school nearly two decades ago.

You think I exaggerate? Sorry: no.

After a lengthy day on the road with much whining by all (including, yes, me), interrupted only by repeated airings of The Jungle Book, we limped into Houston, where we're assured of a restorative meal and festive day with the kinfolk here.

All of this to say: after traversing more than 1,550 miles in five days, I have nothing especially worthwhile to blog about tonight.

But really, who would have guessed I'd still be hanging onto my NaBloPoMo pledge (albeit by the skin of my teeth) three weeks into the month? Certainly not me. So blog I must, despite the obvious lack of content.

Which is why I'm turning to my iPod for tonight's post. What, pray tell, will a random shuffle of ten songs get me? Let's find out, shall we?

1. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: David Gray. Murmur. Wasn't expecting to kick things off on such a mellow note; frankly, I was pulling for KC and The Sunshine Band. But this song is lovely and slightly more poetic than I'm Your Boogie Man, so, you know, all is well.

2. I Feel Lucky: Mary Chapin Carpenter. Okay, now we're vaguely rocking. I'm not an especially large fan of the c-and-w genre, but it's a catchy ditty that gets props for invoking one of my favorite musicians on the planet, Lyle Lovett. Also? Makes me want to run out and buy a lottery ticket.

3. King of the Road: Roger Miller. An odd choice, yes, but who am I to argue with the iPod? This comes to us courtesy of the Swingers soundtrack, and reminds me fondly of a time and place when Vince Vaughn was less... well, fluffy. As was I.

4. The Ark: Gerry Rafferty. Seriously? Could this list please be any less impressive? Could we not see one tiny example of how deeply eclectic and funky and soulful my true musical inclinations lie? Oh, no: instead we get a song that makes me cry every. single. time. I hear it. Curse you, Gerry Rafferty, for your melancholy melodies from the 1970s.

5. Piranhas Are A Very Tricky Species: Mark Mothersbaugh. Indeed. It's a truism, it's a twee tune by one of the founding members of Devo, it's a throwaway line from my most favoritest movie ever and yes, by gum, it's eclectic. Well played, iPod.

6. Arizona: Alejandro Escovedo. Meh. I'd probably have chosen another Alejandro tune, but this does serve as a pertinent reminder to order this year's KGSR compilation when it hits the stores on Friday. You have been warned.

7. Drunken Angel: Lucinda Williams. Ah: Lucinda the divine. Pure poetry from an utterly flawless CD. Nice. Depressing as hell, but oh, so nice.

8. Long Tall Texan: Lyle Lovett. Love, love, love this man. Love, love, love this song and album. Cringe viscerally at the memory of thrice meeting him, and thrice stammering and shaking and nodding my head spasmodically whilst Trey stepped in to fill the awkward silence. Arrghh.

9. Fur Elise: Vince Guaraldi Trio. Some people have rules about wearing white shoes after Labor Day. I'm not sure white shoes are ever a great idea, but I do feel that Christmas music and decorations should be verboten before Thanksgiving. Notable exception: A Charlie Brown Christmas. That's good listening any day of the year.

10. Long Dead Gone: John Wesley Harding. Oh, I see how this works: we begin on a slow, sleepy tempo and end with something poppy and peppy. Now I'll be awake all night, with this college-days fave blaring through my brain. Fine.

Happy tunes to you... and, needless to say, feel free to add your own to the list.


Blogger anniemcq said...

oooooh, I love the Mary Chapin Carpenter tune! I'll have to fire that one up today while I'm roastin' the bird!

Happy Thanksgiving friend, thanks for the new music hints!

6:48 AM  

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