Saturday, March 31, 2007


So: yes. I am still here. Roaming around, writing a little, just not quite enough to post. But whilst roaming 'round, I stumbled across the following and thought: it's fun. It's easy! I'll share.

It is a nifty little word game called Meegle. ('Cause Google + Me = Meegle. Get it? As one of the founding members of TrAmy, I couldn't even begin to pass this up.)

So here's how it works. You take the phrase in bold that begins each statement below and substitute your name for mine. Then put the phrase in quotes, sic Google on it and read the results.

Select your favorite phrase from the first page and assemble your list thusly. You may be amused and surprised to find, as I did, that the final product bears striking similarities to your very own person.

As I remind my children daily: it's nice to share. So I encourage you to post your personalized Meegle on your own blog, if you're so inclined, or share it in my comments section. (Obviously this doesn't work too well if you're one of those smart, security-minded types who uses a bloggy pseudonym.)

But enough about you. Here's, for better or worse, Meegle:

Amy was born on 23/09/83 and has been at Monkey World since the park opened in 1987.

Amy grew up in Anchor Point, Alaska until she was 8 years old.

Amy likes to take pictures of the moon.

Amy hates to go out into the world “without her face on,” but for her that could mean warts, a prosthetic hump, and a set of false teeth.

Amy spends most of her time building Lego creations and playing with friends at the park.

Amy eats leftover pancake batter.

Amy wonders how the little scumbag figured it out, and Ronna asks whether it's true.

Amy favorite food is Nestle Turtles.

Amy’s hair is shorter than mine, with a few blonde highlights (“from the sun” she says -- yeah, right).

Amy likes to wear the Late Late Show t-shirt she got in the green room when she exercises.

Amy has traveled to the West Indies and American Samoa to conduct research for PCCS on these important humpback breeding ground areas.

Amy works with clay… and Amy makes a man.

Amy has decided to resume speaking in third person for the antepenultimate, penultimate, and final bullet points.

Amy cries before adding that “Nobody knows, and nobody cares that I die on the inside!”

Amy is happy as she is, but no one knows what to do with such an unprincesslike princess, least of all the princes of neighboring kingdoms who come looking for a bride.

The end. Now: Yoogle.


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