Friday, December 01, 2006


Well, that didn't last long: what little snow had lingered overnight is all gone. (In the interest of full disclosure, a fair amount was ingested by the children this morning. Snow! It's what's for breakfast!) Still, I'd spied one tiny pile of crumbly white stuff in a cool shadow of the backyard about a half-hour ago, and that's now melted clean away.

Hopefully we'll get a certifiable snowfall before winter is over, considering that the season hasn't actually begun. I think the muppers suspect that this was just faux snow, as Tracey R. so aptly described it, and they're waiting to be impressed by a real show of nature. (Don't wanna register? Go here. I love this frosty bean picture.)

Also, visit Jen's blog for a hilarious wintry video. Substitute a slender but stubborn slick of ice for that thick coat of snow, and supply Working Guy with nothing more impressive than a Calphalon spatula, and you've got an idea of how Trey's morning commute began.

Along with the snow goes NaBloPoMo, which officially ended last night. (Sayeth the Internet: thank God.) As predicted, my participation disintegrated pretty early on in the game. My first slip-up was due to technical difficulties, but all subsequent lapses were purely mine. For almost every weekend of the past month, I did start writing posts that never made it past the draft stage, and they're still saved in my Blogger files, so don't be surprised if a few pop up in the archives at some point.

And so we bid adieu to another month. Now the countdown begins: one more week till the big guy turns 39. I swear that it was yesterday when we sat down for a nice dinner at Louie B's on Sixth Street, and he ordered his first legal bottle of wine. And then we spun under the Zilker tree. Crazy kids.

It's also one week and one day till we celebrate the little guy's fourth birthday. I swell with pride and awe for about one-tenth of a second, then am shocked into the realization that, holy crap, I've got a ton of work to do to get the party started. Like, just as an example, let other people know that there will BE a party.

But first, there's another party to prep for: it's Trey's company fete, which requires that I don some sort of festive frock and try not to embarrasss him for a few hours. Much to do to prepare body and mind before tomorrow evening, so off I go...

P.S. After much whining and many earworms, Shigeta has finally provided us with a new batch of her random thoughts. Go, read, comment!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm LOVING the thought of using a Calphalon spatula as an ice scraper. heeheehee. Good luck at the party tonight - I have my "good wife" performance on the 15th. It's got extra pressure because this will be the first time they have all met me. blah. And we're looking forward to checking out this Zilker tree light thing this year - we've been told it's "the" thing to do this month with the kids. I'll blog about it when we make it down there.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous weintraub said...

have fun tonight! did you find your marcia cross dress?

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Weintraub said...

can I get shigeta's email? I've loved reading her blog and now it's set to private!!! (the horror!)

I want to get in!!!


8:35 AM  

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