Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Don't know when I'll have wireless access again, so I'll try to make this quick before I hit the hay...

In the past five days, we've rolled through four states (TX, LA, MS and Alabama: where the skies are so blue), one major holiday and multiple boxes of Imodium (consolation prizes for those who've been unlucky enough to contract some strain of our stomach bug). Gastrointestinal woe notwithstanding, we've had a wonderful time and are genuinely pleased with ourselves for having made the trip.

Tomorrow morning, we'll bid adieu to our temporary dwelling at the shiny new Embassy Suites in Huntsville, Alabama, where we've been grateful guests this week. Once we pack up our many belongings and stop by Nanny's house for one last round of hugs and kisses, we'll be on the road again... but off the itinerary. Instead of dashing back to the Lone Star State as planned, we'll steer our rented Suburban toward the West Virginia-Ohio border for an impromptu visit to Trey's grandmother.

Not quite sure how our wee traveling companions, who have so far weathered all of this change and chaos remarkably well, will react to this detour. Not positive that we have enough DVDs, cargo space, clean laundry or good humor to see us through an extra 900 miles standing between us and home. Not convinced that the back half of our trip won't be compromised by squeezing an extra day into our schedule.

And yet: there's no doubt that this is the right thing to do. Grandmother's health and stamina have been deteriorating in the three-plus years since we last saw her. Then, we visited West Virginia with a not-yet-crawling Carterbug. Now it's time for her to meet her two youngest great-grandchildren. Time, too, for Trey to see places and faces fraught with meaning and memory that have been much too far away for much too long.

So, we'll take this path, and see where it leads us. And we'll report back as we're able. But for now, we'll sleep.

Love, Amy


Anonymous Jen W. said...

have a safe trip franklins! love to the grandmother, who I'm sure will be thrilled beyond belief to see her three gorgeous great grandchildren!

7:23 AM  

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