Monday, October 09, 2006

Mama musings

Nothing too thriling to report from casa Franklin tonight, so I'll borrow others' words. Follow the links, if you're so inclined...

1. Spotted this article over the weekend; simultaneously loved the realization that we're but a wee family of five, and found myself thinking, if only for a moment, "See, one more wouldn't be so bad... "

(Trey. Honey. Please peel yourself off the floor; it was just a passing fancy, I promise.)

2. In a rare (nonexistent, lately) fit of organization, we dug out our entry table this weekend: bags and bags of never-read magazines and newspapers now have a happy home in the recycling bin. (Note to self: make guilt offering to Sierra Club.) I still suffer from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome), as every other corner of the house is littered with junk, but at least now I won't have an anxiety attack if some passerby glimpses what lies just beyond our front door.

Anyway. I decided to actually READ this week's New Yorker, instead of just smirking at the cover and tossing it aside. Good stuff, and not just the ever-hilarious cartoons. If you're at all interested in the topic of childbirth and aren't overly squeamish, you should definitely read this provocative article on c-sections and other interventions.

I've had two uncomplicated unmedicated births and one emergency section (Miss K, the drama queen) and feel strangely fortunate to have had both experiences. I can't say that I would voluntarily choose the surgical route, although I know some who have. What do you think about the argument that c-sections seem poised to be the childbirth choice of the future?

3. Finally: whilst supervising los hooligans at the library last week, I stumbled upon a book that's not cardboard and (gasp!) includes not one zany picture. Another complicated, thought-provoking read, it's The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids by Alexandra Robbins. Part MTV reality show, part cautionary tale, it invokes a few cringe-worthy memories of my own high-school years and many more that's-not-how-we-did-it-in-MY-day observations. I can't put it down. It's had me thinking about my brother, navigating his way through high school in San Antonio, and, of course, the world that awaits my three chickadees. Shiver.

That's it for one night. Perhaps Papa F5 will share some of the fun mupper pictures he took yesterday?


Anonymous Jen Weintraub said...

loved the article, but had to stop when the step-by-step description of what happens when a woman gives birth were listed.

I've done it twice, don't need to reminded of the stretching ligaments and widening hips and all that

and oh, come on...what's one more kid? like Laura Bennett said..."What's one more? Just throw it in the pile with the others!"

7:27 PM  

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