Thursday, September 21, 2006

On the ball

Whatta week! I'm too tired and frazzled to be clever, but hate to leave town without a quick update from casa Franklin. So here 'tis...

Another great school week for C; the MTW 9-3:00 schedule seems to be working well for all. (Except for the fact that by Wednesday night, I am utterly EXHAUSTED from the effort of shuttling everyone to and fro.) I was steeling myself for six weeks of turbulence as C adjusted to this new place, new faces, new philosophy, et cetera... and although it may not feel like "home" just yet, he definitely seems more comfortable and confident. I'm even seeing some benefits of the Montessori emphasis on practical life: tonight, he volunteered to sweep up the remnants of S's dinner, which had been flung hither and yon. Bonus!

On the heels of our fun evening with the Westwood parents last weekend, I attended a Java Mamas (and one Papa) get-together on Tuesday morning to kick off the annual school auction. No way would I have made it more than five minutes into the meeting if it hadn't been for Supermommy Jen, who escorted Carter to his classroom so I didn't have to unload S and K (I can't convey what a luxury this was), and then took S completely under her wing so all I had to do was handle Miss K for the duration of the meeting. I remember a time when he'd go to no one but me, but sweet S snuggled happily into her lap and generously helped her polish off her delish quiche. K, on the other hand, thought it would be fun to practice some Montessori pouring skills with my to-the-brim glass of milk. After I'd been splashed and soaked for the third time, I took her project away... guess how much she loved that? No worries: Jen whipped out toys and play-dough she'd brought specifically to distract the muppers. She is the MacGyver of mommies!

After everyone else had scattered, Jen and I stayed to chat with Jenina, this year's fabulous auction queen bee. We had a great time yakking it up till S and K attempted to uproot the nice big decorative plants outside of the cafe. They're on a real dirt kick lately, and while of course I hate to discourage them from becoming one with nature, I... well, screw that, I just want them to STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Which they find hilarious, of course. Sigh.

Another fun (and perhaps a teensy bit intimidating) activity this week: Carter had his first soccer practice on Wednesday night. I was under the impression that this so-called practice was really just pretense for a casual meet-and-greet for the pint-sized players (GOOOOO Dragonflies!) and their bemused parents, but Coach Dave actually managed to teach the kiddos a few basics and run them through some very simple drills. There's no telling how much information will actually stick, but I guess we'll see on Saturday for their first game. In any case, it was absolutely adorable seeing everyone running around and having an honest-to-goodness blast doing it.

Amendment to the next-to-last sentence, which breaks my heart a tiny bit: TREY will see how the soccer-ing goes on Saturday, as I'll be out of pocket for the big game. Yep, I'm boarding a plane in a few hours (yeesh, better wrap this up and get a little bit of sleep) for my kind of town, Chicago. LOVE the city of broad shoulders, where we lived for five years before moving to the big D; I've been pining and whining for a return trip since my last visit, when I was massively preggo with C. And now I've got a great excuse to get back north: my mom is having a milestone birthday, and has decided to return to the city of her birth to celebrate. Meeting me at O'Hare will be the birthday girl, her mom and my sibs.

At this moment, I'm feeling a smidge verklempt about leaving the muppers in their daddy's very capable hands... but just beyond that, I am absolutely thrilled about this trip. I cannot wait to see that skyline I know so well, breathe in the winds coming off the lake, retune my ear to a Midwestern accent, eat some old familiar meals and hit a few of the tourist highlights. And the raison d'etre: the priceless gift of time spent with my wonderfully wacky family, and even a seriously overdue visit with a dear friend. How lucky am I?

Meanwhile, I have no doubts that Trey will have a great time with the kids, who will be beside themselves with joy when Grandmommy and Granddaddy arrive on Friday afternoon to chip in. I just can't wait to hear all about it!

Much love to everyone...


Anonymous Anonymous said... jealous that you're venturing up to chicago. i am an illini. thanks to jen (aka weentrab) for "introducing" us. ( i am being the stalker.) have a great time in IL.

12:26 PM  

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