Thursday, September 14, 2006

All together now

Yes, the eagle has landed: Trey is home from Chi-town. Hip hip, hooray! This was a blessedly brief business trip, but even one Daddy-less night can throw the whole brood into a funk. All's well now, though: we're reunited (and it feels so good; please enjoy this earworm with my compliments) and heading into a blissfully unscheduled weekend. To celebrate, we went downtown for dinner at Dream Cafe, where kids ran wild 'round the play area while grown-ups relaxed under the jasmine-trellised patio (and, at regular intervals, raced across the lawn at breakneck speed to scoop up muppers in peril). Very little food was ingested, yet a good time was had by all.

Trey's welcome home was overshadowed ever so slightly by a boisterous playdate with two of C's longtime playgroup buddies, gathered under the same roof for the first time in much too long. And yeah, the boys had a terrific time tearing up the place, which was a hoot to watch... but the big payoff was some seriously overdue mommy time. M and L, I am SO glad we were able to visit! (And S, it wasn't the same without you, birthday girl, but don't worry: we'll reschedule a.s.a.p.) I'll nag Trey tomorrow to post a current picture of tres amigos, but in the interim, here's a blast from the past: the boys and sweet Coo, just three short years ago. LOOK at those baby feet!

Finally, a political note. The stars in the Texas sky are a little dimmer tonight because of Ann Richards' passing. I ran into the governor once in an Austin grocery store, and I doubt that I could have been more awestruck or impressed if Queen Elizabeth had been standing there holding a triple pack of ultra-absorbent paper towels. There are lots of funny and wise things being said about her today, but here's my favorite thus far:

Late in her term as governor, the Houston Chronicle asked Richards how she viewed her gubernatorial legacy. "How about, 'She changed the economic future of Texas,'" Richards replied. "And that really beats what I feared my tombstone was going to say, which was: 'She kept a really clean house.'"

I can't imagine where it might be, but I'm going to attempt to unearth my "A woman's place is in the dome" t-shirt and wear it in her memory this weekend.

I'd like to think that she might like this, too: it's a clip from last night's Daily Show. I have tried and tried again, but so far cannot watch more than three seconds of it without giggling uncontrollably.

Off to bed. Much too late, as usual, but I'll try to get back on track this weekend. Enjoy yours!
Big love... Amy (Mrs. F5)


Blogger ssg said...

I missed you all too. Can't believe you saw L and D! Thanks so much for all the B-day wishes and surprise:)

11:32 PM  

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