Saturday, August 26, 2006

New feature

What are the children doing while these posts are being created? So far...

First Post: Napping, as all good children should on a daily basis until they’re of voting age. (Today, Mommy even gets in on the zzz-action while Daddy launches the blog.)

Hi, How Are You?: S and K are gleefully playing with two small cups and the water dispenser on the fridge. You can’t even begin to appreciate how many towels and full wardrobe changes will be required to rectify this. And somehow I am able to type despite the ear-piercing shrieks of “we can’t believe she’s letting us do this” happiness.

C-bug, meanwhile, is on a field trip to the car wash with Daddy, to defunk the Volvo after K rather impressively expelled the contents of her stomach before we’d even left the Breadwinners parking lot. (Can’t handle frequent detailed descriptions of various bodily fluids? Better edit your bookmarks now.)


Blogger mojita ma said...

Spencer's hair!! He's such a big boy! Everyone is so grown up! It has been what? Three, four WEEKS??

I love the blog idea. However, I have absolutely no idea how or where to comment so I am just jumping in. Look out!! Biiiiiggggg splashhh!

So we keep this tab open all our waking hours thus avoiding a ringing telephone?? I realize that the leetle ones are alerted by a phone call (ie, "Now! She's distracted! Make your move! We discussed this earlier!") so is the general idea to circumvent such happenings? Or just to give the elders another yet more public forum upon which to converse?

Whichever, thank you o great one! mm

6:16 PM  
Blogger Sugar Photography said...

loving this!!! thanks SO much for putting your lives out there in cyberspace for all of us voyeurs to enjoy (oh, and trey's awesome pics too-I can't get enough of your three!)

feel free to link to my sugar blog-and I can work on a banner for this one if you want :)

nothing but the best for my franklins!!!


6:47 PM  

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