Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hi, How Are You?


Inspired (challenged, goaded, whatever) by our fabulous friend Jen, who makes it all look so maddeningly sweet
and easy, we’re taking the plunge into the overpopulated blog pool. (Watch out for flying elbows and ankles: the lifeguard is definitely not on duty.) Grandfolk, family, friends, hapless strangers wandering by: we make no promises for… well, anything. Those who know us well can probably expect a flurry of activity till the novelty factor wears off, followed promptly by absolutely nothing ever again.

Big love,

P.S. All apologies to Daniel Johnston
for today’s title and Spence’s attire. Happy side note: counting down 6.5 days until we’re strolling down the Drag in Austin, checking for ourveryownselves that his mural is still standing where it was when we met there 18 years ago. And, oh, yeah… watching the NCAA national championship ‘Horns run out onto the gridiron. Hook ‘em.

P.P.S. Nana, we thank you in advance for watching los hooligans whilst we retread our college stomping grounds.


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