Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hair today, still there tomorrow.

Mini-milestone this past week: on Monday, S got his first-ever haircut. Settle down, Grandmommy… we didn’t do anything radical. (Truly, we doubt that anyone outside this house could even tell the difference.) In retrospect, this 'do was probably a bit overdue (see left), but now we can say that he, like his big brother, went 19 months without losing one lock of golden hair.

Needless to say, poor Miss Lolly
practically had a hissy fit when we refused to let her shears near K’s hair. Yes, it’s long and straggly and constantly hanging in her eyes… prompting our frank friend Marshall Cobb to nickname her “Daryl Hannah.” But we’re hoping that our patience will be rewarded with that no-bangs look that worked so well for me in 1973. (Please note tongue in cheek.) Plus, I just love to look at her, plant my hands on my hips and say, “Young lady, WHAT are we going to do with your hair?!?”

But back to Spencer Samuel: if you want to see the before, DURING and after, click here for a brief slideshow. Trey thought he looked a bit like Kojak sitting in the chair with a lollipop dangling perilously from his lower lip. We both thought he was a champ: nary a tear. (Excepting a few from me, of course.)


Blogger Sugar Photography said...

oh my goodness-two posts in one day! (or two new posts for me to read at least-you late night poster you!)

can't wait to see the slideshow!

and truly, I didn't notice spence's haircut. so tell grandma not to worry

I do love that darryl hannah hair-it's exactly who she looks like!

and truly-bangs never look good (at least not on me or my kids)-good for you for taking a stand!

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Eleanor T. Franklin said...

I was really struck how much Spencer looked like Carter in the 'hair cut' pictures. They can't get more beau;tiful. Love, Grandmommy

6:23 AM  

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